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NateCue – Solana Ecosystem Call IRL Feedback

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Date: 2024-04-06
Description: Attendees are invited to share their insights on event content, format, and overall experience, contributing to the continuous improvement of the Solana Ecosystem Call events. This is an opportunity to influence the direction of a cornerstone event in the Solana community and be rewarded for your valuable input.

My Experience with the Solana Ecosystem Call events

I’m attending an IRL Solana Ecosystem Call event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the first time, hosted by Superteam Vietnam and the Walless team.
I was amazed by the way you were arranging the gathering to bring in additional builders and enhance the visibility of the Solana ecosystem: It’s not simply a networking event; this is a place to gather, discuss what you’re doing, and hear from other builders. The atmosphere is really laid back and pleasant. The global online conversation is amazing, and it’s fantastic that every Solana employee is sitting down and discussing how and what they’re doing.
My team and I have only recently begun our journey at Solana, but we are confident that it will be exciting and full of possibilities because of the kind of activities you are doing.

Suggestion for improvement in the future

As an experienced event organiser, i saw many things that can be improved in the future:
  • The online engagement is very good, nothing to say about it, i can get every piece of information needed before going to the event
  • On the physical side, we need more exposure:
    • a standee with the name of the event is a must, e.g. Solana Ecosystem Call IRL, or Solana Meet-up if you want to be more friendly and easy to understand: it will helps ppl know that there is a Solana event happening here
    • The host should be more Solana-related, of course, the event host could be a Solana project, but the member of Solana team should have a Solana T-shirt with logo on it, This will help builders navigate who they need to talk to first
  • It should be a standing event, with the food is served as buffet on a side table; we need more space for people to walk around and talk
  • The hosts should be the ones who introduce the event, and if there are not many builders in the room (below 15), we should have a self-introduction made by everyone. This will help people understand what others are doing and connect quicker.
  • Event agenda should be more specific, i only know that we have a world-wide call when i join the event, i should be mentioned sooner so that i can know


I want to thank you guys for hosting such interesting events like these, in my previous chain the community events are not much, so i’m very appreciate when having chance to connect with others. Hope to have change to join with bigger events here.

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