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Guide how to create Habit Tracker for Notion

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Why i do not use Notion template

notion habit tracker template

If you have been and will use Notion to manage your life, then one of the things you must have tried using Notion’s built-in Template for managing your habits.

Before that, I also used this template for a while; However, this template is quite manual to use and lacks statistical displays about the results achieved (still, if you are fluent in Notion code & setup function).

I mainly used the app on my phone to track my habits; the advantage was that it was convenient but fragmented, and I needed help to connect to Notion, so it was still a problem.

Until one day, I got a site specializing in creating a Habit Tracker board and couldĀ import it to Notion. After testing for a while, I was satisfied and wrote an article to share with everyone.

Website address:

preview habit tracker 2

Guide how to create Habit Tracker board

We will have 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Create your Account on Life of Discipline & try creating Habit

VisitĀ & create your account.

Fill in your information:

  • Type: 3 main option: Timer/ Number/ Binary, with detailed description.
  • Color: there are 2 colors in the free version, you can consider the premium version if you want to have more color option.
  • The last info – Preview: allow you to preview the final board.
Click Create after you filled in the info.

Step 2: Get Embed Link to add to Notion

Click "Edit" after creating your own board
Remember to choose "Click to copy unique link"

Step 3: Embed to Notion and adjust the size

After having the link, proceed to create Embed in Notion. I have made a demo video for you.

Step 4: Start recording your Habit Tracker

My comment about this Habit tracker

Good Point

  • You can interact directly with Notion and log records (this feature has just been updated).
  • Visualize your habit records visually, and the color of your stools is light and dark, making it easy to visualize how your habits are distributed.
  • There are many colors suitable for multi-color players.
  • It’s free.
  • The embedded Habit tracker size in Notion can be adjusted to the desired size.
  • It can be adjusted to fit the color with the Dark mode / Light mode of Notion.

Still need to consider

  • Notion self-host, so it does not exclude the case that this page is down and you will lose data (I have not found a place to backup data on here), but this possibility is low because it seems that this application has been connected with Notion.
  • The free version can only create up to 5 Habit Tracking boards + 2 colors for heatmap, if there is a lot of demand, 3$/month & $28/year is too cheap for a useful application like this.. Link here:


not my progress haha

The guide to this is the end; I wish you have one more application to help you keep your habits.

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